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The IAB held its 2014 Finance and Small Business Awards on Monday 19th May at the iconic Gherkin in London. The award categories can be found below.

A truly international association, the IAB has helped thousands of small and micro businesses in all corners of the globe. No other not-for-profit organisation can match its decades of expertise and commitment to the bookkeeping profession. 

A number of remarkable individuals were awarded for their hard work, dedication and the impact they have had on their clients’ businesses.  View our 2014 winners here.

The Award Categories

A host of highly accomplished IAB members and industry professionals were celebrated at our Finance and Small Business Awards 2014.

  • >  IAB Bookkeeper of the Year

    This award recognises an IAB member with top bookkeeping credentials. It is awarded to a professional whose impeccable bookkeeping skills help clients efficiently manage their accounts.

  • >  IAB Accountant of the Year

    Accountancy talent doesn’t come finer than our award-winning ‘accountant of the year.’ This award recognises a professional or firm of accountants who have made an invaluable contribution to their clients.

  • >  IAB Payroll Professional of the Year

    The ‘Payroll Professional of the Year’ award celebrates an IAB or CIPP member accomplished in payroll services. Notably, the award winner will have made a huge difference to payroll operations within their clients’ companies.

  • >  IAB Small Business Mentor of the Year

    This very special award recognises a successful business entrepreneur who freely shares their time and insight to help other businesses progress.  Awarded for not only making a difference to their mentees, but also for actively supporting new enterprises.